Leadership Griffin+Spalding

Preparing the Next Generation of Community Leaders

They are sitting at their desks, one in a bank and another in City Hall. One is helping counsel citizens to find local employment while another is seeing that trucks are fully loaded and hitting the road on schedule. They are teaching your children, creating websites, and making sure there is enough food on your table. They are Leadership Griffin+Spalding.

These unique individuals commit themselves to an eight-month program to become better leaders in Griffin-Spalding County by seeing key aspects of community development first-hand. Participants are equipped with resources that will aid their work, build their community, and enrich the lives of their families.

Participants in Leadership Griffin+Spalding benefit from getting to know one another and from the exchange of ideas and experiences. They gain knowledge and understanding on crucial issues facing our community, while also attaining leadership skills to make a difference. In addition, they develop a network of relationships with other leaders of various backgrounds throughout Griffin-Spalding County.

Cost for the 8-month course is $350 and includes all session materials, meals and transportation. It is important that applicants recognize that a serious commitment to attend every class is required. In return, participants are guaranteed to leave Leadership Griffin+Spalding better qualified to take an active role in our community.

It is our hope that you or someone in your organization would step up to participate in Leadership Griffin+Spalding. Click on the application icon to register now.

Dr. Randall Peters
Chairman Leadership Griffin/Spalding

Class of 2023  Leadership Application


October 21st          Messaging with Purpose             EMA Headquarters          

October 28th         Optional Firearm Safety Class   Spalding Co. Sheriff Dept.

November 18th    Group Decision Making                UGA Student Learning Center

December 9th       Building Communities through Collaboration   Griffin Region College & Career Academy

January 13th         Leading Change                               1888 Mills

February 10th      Georgia State Capital

March 10th           Multi-Generational Understanding     Spalding County Senior Center

April 6th                Community Vision & Ethics           UGA Student Learning Center

April 27th             Graduation & Celebration               Historic City Hall


All sessions are 8:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated.

Please watch monthly emails for location details.



Each year the class is asked to form groups and identify projects that would impact the community while being self-sustaining.  Here are a few of the Leadership Projects:


MENTOR PROGRAM - Adult professionals assigned to middle school students to mentor them through their school year.

HOPE HEALTH CLINIC DENTAL EQUIPMENT - Funds raised to purchase new cleaning equipment and chairs for the children's dental care rooms.


GET YOUR WALK ON - A downtown one mile walking path to encourage walkability in Historic Downtown Griffin.

SOCK IT TO EM - A collection of new socks to be donated to homeless and children in need.

BREAKFAST WITH LEO - Middleschool students having candid conversations with Law Enforcement Personnel to encourage relationship building and career stimulation.

BOOKS ON THE BUS - Books provided in DOT approved holders for elementary students to promote good bus behavior and improving the literacy of our students.


DOG PARK - A leash-free alternative to dog exercise and socialization.

SENIOR WALKING TRACK - A free walking track located near senior living facilities to encourage outdoor enjoyment and exercise.


ADULT LITTLE FREE LIBRARY - A take-one/leave-one free library for adults located in downtown Griffin.

LITTLE FREE LIBRARY COLLECTION SITE - Designating First National Bank as a holidng library and a collection site for donations of books for all of the over 25 Little Free Libraries in our community.