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Great Knome Roam

Great Knome Roam

Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, October 9, 2021

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The Great Gnome Roam

Make a clay gnome; Find a gnome; Paint a gnome!

‘stache studio is hosting the first ever “Great Gnome Roam!” and your help is needed! Yes, you! They are making 200 free clay gnomes to hide for a huge gnome scavenger hunt on Saturday, October 9.

So how can you help? Drop in anytime ‘stache studio is open (Thursday – Saturday 10am-8pm) and ask to make a free clay gnome. This won’t be the gnome you get to keep, but you’ll have a blast working with the clay. Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before, because there will be a video and written tutorial so that you can easily follow along.

You’ll leave the gnome to fire in the kiln, and on the morning of the Great Gnome Roam (Saturday, October 9), ‘stache studio will announce the details of where to search for the gnomes on Facebook and Instagram.

If you find a gnome that day, you’ll be able to drop in anytime ‘stache studio is open (Thursday – Saturday 10am-8pm) for the month of October and they’re going to show you how to glaze or paint it with acrylics! If you choose glaze, you’ll have to leave it with them to fire in the kiln one last time before you can take your new Gnomie home. Acrylic-painted gnomes can go home with you the same day!

So stop by ‘stache studio this week to play with clay and make a gnome or two for the Great Gnome Roam! And make sure to save the date of October 9 so that you can go searching for a gnome to paint! Happy creating and hunting!

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