Leadership Griffin+Spalding Making Progress!!

Posted By: Cindy Jones Chamber Announcements,

Learning about understanding leadership styles, decision making, communication, collaboration and change during the past six months, the Leadership Griffin+Spalding Class of 2018 is more than half way through the schedule and on track for graduation in May. The group of 24 includes members of the community from education, corporate, government and nonprofit backgrounds as well a variety of ages and ethnicity. The class has been led by former graduates of the Leadership program and has included industry and campus tours such as Newton Crouch and 1888 Mills, a visit to the State Capitol, the CNN Center as well as class lectures and discussion regarding the various challenges and aspects of leadership individually, professionally and as a community.

 A project that improves and enhances the community is part of the class requirements. Members are attending various committee, civic and local government meetings in an attempt to identify needs for project consideration.  A couple of the class projects that are currently in progress are a Dog Park in the community and an Adopt a Highway program.

Class participant Jennifer Jenkins, a counselor at Spalding High School, said the Leadership Class has already challenged herself to consider how she reacts and responds to circumstances both professionally and personally and is thankful for the investment the Spalding County School System has made in her through this program.