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Errol Hinds


Professional Bio

I'm a Small Real Estate Investor and a LegalShield Marketing Associate at LegalShield, our Mission is to Protect and Empower People, from the trivial to the traumatic.
With our mobile apps you can have a Law Firm in the palm of your hand 24/7/365 days providing a platform for families and small business owners, protecting your legal rights.

Networking is vital to the success of any business and LegalShield's monthly networking events allow connections to be made with business owners and professionals from a diverse profession backgrounds.

Through innovative resources, strategic alliances and client referrals we help our members create wealth and build their network.

Events are held every day at various locations in Atlanta. Please take a look at my website: and download our FREE apps.

Company Info

 GSC Logo Entrepreneur

Areas of Expertise Identity Theft & CDLP & Legal Services Volunteer Work:
Griffin Lions Club