Griffin - Spalding Chamber of Commerce

Membership Application

1) What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Griffin/Spalding Chamber of Commerce is a business association of more than 800 Spalding County businesses and citizens who work together to create and maintain a favorable business climate and quality of life for our community.

Our mission statement:

The Griffin/Spalding Chamber of Commerce provides leadership through its members to advance the economic potential and quality of life of our community.

2) Who Runs the Chamber?

Simple… You Do! The Chamber is a volunteer-based organization. The Chamber has elected officers and Board of Directors with small professional staff. It receives no government funding for operations and is free to speak out on issues affecting economic potential and Quality of life. Since the organization is voluntary, the Chamber is dependent upon the involvement of its members. The Griffin/Spalding Chamber offers a variety of programs of work that address education, transportation, recreation and others. The Chamber gives you a voice in these and other related areas.

3) Why Join the Chamber?

The Griffin/Spalding Chamber is a strong voice for the business community. The Chamber advances programs and advocates policies leading to economic prosperity, educational competence and environmental responsibility. And at the same time, the Chamber addresses quality of life issues important to us all.

4) How Can the Chamber Benefit me?

Besides economic prosperity and quality of life, the Chamber provides:
Exposure/Advertising: business referrals, sponsorships, brochures, on-line directory links and business cards displayed at the Chamber Office located in the Griffin Welcome Center. The Chamber promotes its members.
Networking: Business After Hours, Business Before Hours, committee involvement, special events.
Promotional: Ribbon cuttings, newsletters, membership directory.
Tourism: Promoting local culture, craft and sports events.
Counseling: Seminars, resources, workforce partnerships.
Insurance: Discounted health care solutions for Chamber members through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia.
Clout: Customers and clients recognize Chamber membership as a demonstration of good faith and fair dealing practices.

5) When Should I Join? Now is a Great Time.

Membership Application

Company Name
Individual Name(s)
Business Category
Committee Interest
Payment Method

Basic membership starts at $260 per year based on employment
Small business with 25 or less employees – $260
Civic Clubs and Non-profits – $105 per year
Home Based Business – $160 per year
Retired Membership – $105 per year
Second business – $100 per year